Overview of the Combin Instagram Automation App

Growing Instagram Account today takes a lot of hours of hard work every day to grow & not everyone has the hours a day it takes to scroll, like, follow and comment.

For people who don’t have teams dedicated to run their social media accounts, there are many Instagram Automation tools you can use.

In this post, I’m going to review Combin, a very smart tool for growing your Instagram account.

Let’s jump in.

They promise that you will gain genuine followers, likes and comments using their app. You can also find influencers and new real followers and communicate and engage easily within the app.

Unlike apps like Instazood, or Instatio, this app is a desktop app that you download onto your computer and run it from there. This ads a level of power that some of the web-based apps don’t have.

Let’s review the main features

Advanced Instagram Search 

With Combin, you can find profiles and publications of your potential followers though targeted search by hashtag, by location, among followers, followings, likers and commenters of your competitors.

Combine locations + hashtags queries and pick relevant places on an interactive map for more accurate, relevant results.

Audience management

You can manage your Instagram followings and followers in one tab. You can detect who doesn’t follow you back and unfollow them in batch. Track accounts you unfollowed to avoid following them again.

You can attract the attention of your audience by liking and commenting on their latest posts. Schedule tasks for single and mass following and unfollowing.

Easy Communication 

You can participate in discussions under the found posts section to attract the attention of potential followers. Leave multiple different comments at once, create comment templates for easy use in the future. These comment templates are a real time saver.

Set tasks for single and mass liking and commenting.

Instagram Activity Statistics 

You can monitor the amount of likes, comments and follows processed through the Combin application.

Track your growth, see how many followers you get on average per day, how many likes, comments and follows you received during different periods of time.

User search analysis 

When you enable user analysis for your searches, you only receive posts and profiles of interaction efficient accounts, skipping celebrities’ accounts, shops, spam, etc. The machine learning-enhanced algorithm determines such accounts with 90% accuracy.

Sorting + Preview 

Decide who to follow and what posts to interact with yourself, no unsolicited actions are performed on your behalf.

You can see previews of Instagram posts and accounts. Sort search results by date and popularity, get the most followed users and the hottest posts first.

Features on their roadmap

Combin is working on building out more features and here are some of the big updates coming very soon.

Instagram Posts Scheduling 

Upload posts to your Instagram account and queue them up to preferable time directly from the tool.

Instagram DM and Comments Inbox 

Maintain direct messages of your Instagram account, don’t miss a single comment from your followers – reply right away from Combin.


Save your time from performing the same searches and applying the same actions to their results every day. Schedule liking, commenting, following and unfollowing actions to be automatically performed daily, weekly or monthly.

Summary of Corbin App overview

As you can see, there are many great feature that provide you with an advantage over managing your account manually by yourself. 

Combin is continuously growing and coming up with new features to help you manage your account even better and build it easier.

It is already a game-changing tool for every entrepreneur and influencer, and with their upcoming post scheduling feature and DM management, it will only become more valuable to every user.

Try Combin for free today

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