25 Affiliate Marketing niche directories to list your program

Directories tend to have a bad reputation because they’re so easy to spam and they make it easy to publish poor quality content, but that doesn’t mean that all directories are bad.

The key is not to find just any directory, but find niche directories.

With a little bit of know-how when it comes to finding the right directories and using them correctly, the SEO benefits can be great, even now in 2018.

If you are unfamiliar with directories, a directory is a website that includes links to many different websites so that people can stop there and navigate to different web pages.

Niche directories simply refer to directories that only focus on including companies from certain niches.

Affiliate marketing is no different.

If you are looking to promote your affiliate program or If you are looking for affiliate marketers you can list your affiliate program page on these affiliate marketing directories.

List of 25 Affiliate marketing niche directories

  1. Affiliate Marketing – Learn Affiliate Marketing From an Affiliate Programs Veteran
  2. Affiliate Programs Directory – Affiliate Match.com
  3. Affiliate Directory – Free Directory of the Top Affiliate Programs on the Internet
  4. AffiliatesDirectory.com – The Affiliate Programs Directory: Home Page
  5. Affiliate Programs Directory – Affiliate First.com
  6. Affiliate First Submission Services – Submit your Affiliate Program to the Top 50 Directories
  7. Affiliate Program Directory – Find an Affiliate Program Niche
  8. Affiliate Ranker :: Affiliate program directory and search engine
  9. Affiliate Programs Directory
  10. Affiliate Programs Directory – Many Affiliate Marketing Programs Listed
  11. http://allaffiliateprograms.com/
  12. Affiliate Program Directory*
  13. Top Affiliate Program Directory – Affiliate Marketing Programs
  14. Green Affiliate Program Directory
  15. Affiliate Program Directory – Top Affiliate List
  16. Which Affiliate
  17. Free Affiliate Program Directory | Affiliate Tracking Network
  18. Top Affiliate Programs | AM411.com March 2012
  19. Affiliate First.com – Directory of Affiliate Progams
  20. http://www.affiliatebase.com/
  21. Affiliate Programs Directory and Affiliate Resources
  22. Affiliate Program Directory : Affiliate Ranch
  23. Affiliate Programs Directory | Find an Affiliate Program
  24. Affiliate Directory per Categories – Browse our affiliate program & products by categories
  25. Make Money Online: Best Affiliate Programs & Marketing Directory

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